The natural look

The natural look in cosmetic surgery

“The natural look” has become a cliché in the parlance of plastic surgery nonetheless, the concept is very important.

The human body is a perfect harmony between function and form. The plastic surgeon should endeavour to produce “the non operated look” and preserve a pure and untouched appearance while producing a satisfactory result.

I am a Plastic surgeon that trained in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and for me it is very important to restore and enhance features and function without exaggeration so that the result is natural.

Every operation has limitations and carries a risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

It is common to see breast augmentations where the prosthesis is too large for the skin envelope and produce spherical breasts that have lost the normal shape of the human breast. We also see facelifts where the normal facial expression is erased to provide a comprehensive removal of all wrinkles. We also see extremely upturned and small noses and pulled eyelids. All these results for me are unacceptable.

There is a very fine margin between producing a substantial result that resolves the patient’s problem and on the other hand avoids an exaggerated look. This requires extensive consultation with the patient to understand what the patient’s wishes are, and explain to the patient carefully what can be achieved without exaggeration.

Occasionally, I have a patient that wants an exaggerated look but ninety nine percent of my clientele prefer a human look and request for a natural result.

The important consideration for me is that my patients leave feeling confident and happy with a natural looking result.

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