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About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the correction of any congenital malformations, disfiguring wounds or reconstruction after malignant conditions. Cosmetic surgery forms part of plastic surgery but the focus is to improve an individual’s normal appearance.

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery isn’t new. Although it only became popular in the 21st century, it has been around since 600 BC when a Hindu surgeon reconstructed an area of the nose by using a part of a cheek.

In the 16th century Gaspare Tagliacozzi (“the father of plastic surgery”) made rhinoplasty a common procedure. Tagliacozzi reconstructed noses by making use of upper arm skin. It is only in 1923 when the first contemporary rhinoplasty (nose surgery) procedure was performed.

Breast enlargements were initially endeavoured by using ivory, glass, metal, rubber, and paraffin. Later petroleum jelly, beeswax, shellac, and epoxy resins were used. In 1962 a woman from the United States was the first person to obtain encapsulated silicon breast implants.

Today there are over 100,000 different cosmetic surgery procedures done annually in the UK of which breast augmentation surgery is the most common.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are constantly improved and simplified to enhance results but reduce risk.

Common cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedure

As a qualified and experienced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Gabriel Alvarez is able to provide patients with various surgical procedures.

My approach to cosmetic surgery is to provide my patients with a natural, non-operated appearance. Values and ethics are extremely important to me and I will almost always take the simpler route of treatment to ensure that my patients gain a pleasing result with limited risk.

About Skin Cancer

When left untreated, skin cancer can become fatal. Gabriel Alvarez is an expert of malignant and belign skin conditions and encourage patients to come for regular skin cancer screenings.

Mr Alvarez offers treatment and removal of the following skin cancer types and conditions:

Individuals must consult with a doctor immediately should they:

  • Have a lesion that does not want to heal
  • Have a mole that is itchy, sore or changed colour

Although most skin cancers are only diagnosed after the age of 40 years, it can occur at any age and adults need to check themselves regularly.

About Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery can be done when individuals struggle with unsightly scars as a result of an injury.

It is important to note that scars are permanent and they can never be permanently removed. Scar revision is the improvement of the scar appearance.

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