Asymmetrical breasts (Breast correction)

About Asymmetrical breast size

Asymmetrical breasts also described as uneven breast size is a very common complaint amongst women. In fact, there is no female who can say with certainty that both her breasts are exactly the same size and shape.

The spectrum of breast asymmetry is wide. In one extreme, there could be a complete absence of breast on one side as is apparent in “Poland Syndrome” which is a congenital condition.

A significant difference in breasts is not only due to size but can also affect the shape.

Case 1 pre-op photograph

Case 1 post-op photograph after reduction of the left and mastopexy of the right breast








Common causes:

  • Natural development irregularities. When each breast develops at its own individual pace and each breast size and shape is affected. 
  • Reconstruction after a mastectomy for cancer, it is a frequent need for the reduction of the opposite breast to achieve symmetry.
  • Breast reconstruction of abnormalities
  • Complications after breast augmentation

As a plastic surgery expert, I have several years of training and skills to correct asymmetrical breasts and would advise you on the best and most simple procedure to follow.

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Case 2 pre-op photograph

Case 2 post-op photograph after reduction of the right and mastopexy of the left breast








About the correction surgery

  • When it comes to  asymmetric breast correction surgery, there is no ‘off the shelf’ simple treatment that fits all.
  • Reconstruction surgery on asymmetrical breasts require expertly tailored surgery for each individual person. There are no two patients with the same problem.
  • As a result the planning of the treatment is done in conjunction with a cosmetic surgeon explaining the different possibilities and their outcome, allowing the patient to decide on a treatment that provides the result they want.
  • Some patients prefer to have a larger size while  others prefer a smaller breast size. The patient should discuss their preferences with their surgeon to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  • The results for reconstruction surgery are good, although complete symmetry in shape and size is very difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain.

The surgery is complicated and may require the use of different surgical techniques:

  • Breast augmentation of the smaller breast
  • Asymmetrical breast reconstruction on both breasts with different size prosthesis.
  • Some patients might require a breast lift to align the height of the nipples; or
  • If the larger breast is too large it might need a unilateral breast reduction to reduce the size of one or even asymmetrical breast correction.
Every operation has limitations and carries a risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

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Asymmetry in size and shape. Left breast slightly tubular

Post correction of asymmetry with a simple augmentation









Patient with asymmetrical breasts and nipple misalignment

Corrected with a right breast reduction and augmentation of the left breast









If you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts, call us 07425 162493 to book a confidential consultation with our surgeon or fill in our contact form.