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Breast reduction is a common surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of the breasts.  Apart from decreasing the size of the actual breast the procedure also involves a breast lift.

The reason for lifting the breasts is to ensure a more youthful position to counteract a drooping bust.

Reasons for undergoing breast reduction surgery include:

  • To alleviate back and neck pain resulting from the weight of large breasts
  • Chaffing of the skin beneath the breast
  • Discomfort and trouble finding bras and clothing that fit well
  • Poor posture
  • Low hanging breasts and stretched breast skin
  • Low self-esteem

It is advisable that women considering a breast reduction procedure be:

  • Healthy,
  • Relatively fit and
  • Non-smokers

It is also important to bear in mind that any substantial changes in body weight following a breast reduction surgery may decrease the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment.

During your consultation you will have ample time to ask your surgeon as many questions as you require.

You may also read through our frequently asked questions section to see if any of your queries has been covered.

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During Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts approximately three hours with a need to remain in hospital for two nights.

There are many techniques adopted for breast reduction surgery.  A popular and safe technique that delivers good and natural cosmetic results is the inverted “T” technique.

The “T” technique derives its name from the shape of the three incisions made during breast reduction. One incision is made on the crease of the breast; a second central vertical opening is made below the nipple and a third small incision around the nipple.

During a breast reduction procedure the nipple is brought to its normal position and approximately one third to half of the weight of the breast is reduced by the removal of fat and breast tissue.

Sutures and skin adhesive may be used to close the skin.  Occasionally, non-dissolving sutures might be used, which will be removed  seven to 14 days after breast reduction.

Every operation has limitations and carries a risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

After Breast reduction

After breast reduction you will most likely experience some discomfort and swelling. The majority of the swelling will likely subside within two weeks. However, some swelling and hardness of the breast tissue is normal for up to several weeks.

Post breast reduction surgery a special compression bra is usually worn for a period of three months to support the breast. The compression bra is an important part of the recovery process. The bra provides support, comfort and helps to minimize swelling.

You will most likely be able to return to work within three weeks after breast reduction.  However, it is important that you avoid any strenuous activity and lifting for approximately four to five weeks.  Refraining from any demanding actions will help with the healing process and contribute towards the final result.

You will only be able to notice the ultimate effect of your breast reduction procedure once the swelling has subsided completely which will take between three to four months..

Keep in mind it will also take several months for the scars from the incisions to fade.  It’s a slow process and it may take up to 18 months for them to refine completely.

After breast reduction some women might consider other treatments such as:

However, you must consult with your breast reduction surgeon on the likelihood of any near future surgery.

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If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, call us 07425 162493 to book a confidential consultation with our surgeon or fill in our contact form.