Mastopexy (Breast lift)

About Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Pre-op mastopexy

Post-op mastopexy

breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical operation designed to change the shape of a person’s breasts and to return it to a more youthful position.

“My approach to any cosmetic surgery procedure is to focus on providing my patients with a natural look that does not give the impression that they have been operated on.”

A breast lift can correct the drooping of  breasts as a result of:

Mastopexy surgery may involve repositioning the areola and nipple as well as lifting the breast tissue, tightening and removing skin.

It can be performed alone or for optimum results in conjuction with either:

The breast lift before and after pictures below will prove as examples of what I mean with a “natural” appearance.

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During Breast lift surgery

During breast lift surgery, the technique used will be dependent on the extent of the mastopexy required.

The most common techniques include:

  • Inverted “T”
  • McKissock design
  • “Donut lift”

Inverted “T” breast lift technique

The traditional matopexy technique is the inverted “T” or “anchor incision”, whose name derives from the shape of the incisions.

It is a widely used technique because it consistently produces the desired shape and position of the breast on the chest wall, giving maximum change to the breast.

McKissock design breast lift technique

McKissock design is a very safe mastopexy technique that provides good cosmetic results. There are three scars: 0ne on the crease of the breast, a central vertical scar below the nipple and a third scar around the nipple.

”Donut lift” mastopexy technique

Another popular form of modified breast lift surgery is the ‘donut lift’. The “donut lift” is a procedure involving fewer incisions but with less change to the breast’s shape.

General anaesthetic is needed for the operation and you need to remain in hospital for 2 nights.  The incisions will be closed using dissolvable sutures beneath the skin and a skin adhesive; there is no need to remove sutures.

The scars from the incisions will fade slowly over several months, but it may take up to 18 months to refine completely.

Every operation has limitations and carries a risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

After Mastopexy

After breast lift (mastopexy) surgery you will most likely experience some pain and swelling.  The bulk of the swelling will likely settle down within two weeks.  However, some swelling and hardness of the breast tissue may persist for several weeks post surgery.

A special bra is usually worn to support the breast for up to three months because it:

  • Provides support
  • Enhances comfort and
  • Helps reduced swelling.

The compression bra is an important part of the recovery process.

After the breast lift procedure, you will most likely be able to return to work within three weeks.  However, as with any other cosmetic surgery, it is important that you do not engage in any strenuous activity and lifting for approximately four to five weeks, otherwise it could delay the healing process and compromise the final results of the mastopexy.

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