Removal of benign moles

About Moles Removal

Mole removal for facial benign moles are generally removed for cosmetic reasons.

Malignant moles on the other hand must be removed as the patient carries the risk of developing melanoma.

Malignant moles have the following symptoms:

*    Colour change
*    Pain
*    Itching
*    Irregular borders
*    Bleeding

Patients who have moles, particularly more than 20 must check their moles regularly and schedule an annual skin cancer screening.

Mole removal surgery for benign moles are common as they can continue to grow through life producing unsightly lesions.  These lesions are impossible to hide with make-up because they are prominent and produce a shadow.

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Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal is a simple procedure which takes place under local anaesthetic.

The small scar is closed with dissolvable stitches beneath the skin and skin adhesive. Sometimes it is necessary to utilise stitches on the skin that need to be removed five to seven days after the operation.

The scars should be protected from the sun for three to four months after the operation.

The small scars resulting from this minor operation are cosmetically acceptable as faint pale lines providing the patient has normal scarring.

All scars become pink and hard for a period of two to three months after the surgery before they start improving. The process of maturation can last for eight to twelve months.  If necessary makeup can be used to completely cover the scars until the maturation process is complete and the pinkness disappears.

In some cases removal of skin moles are possible by a shaving procedure.  Hairy mole removal should be done by excision as unsightly hair regrowth could continue if it is only shaven.

When it comes to potential malignant mole removal surgery the surgeon will do a biopsy of the lesion and cut deep enough to allow for successful microscopic inspect.

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Please be aware that this procedure is NOT covered by insurance companies.