“For years I was unhappy with my breasts because I broke my collarbone when I was a child which made my shoulder slope downwards, therefore one of my breasts was lower than the other. No matter what I did to try and improve it, it stayed the same. At the age of 32 I had my first child which made my breasts droop even more so not only did I have one breasts lower than the other, I now had saggy breasts. I then went on to have my second child which made them even worse. I was very unhappy with my breasts for years and I knew that one day I would like to have implants. At the age of 37 I went to Mr Alvarez and asked him if he would put implants in but during my consultation Mr Alvarez told me that if I just had implants it would not solve my problem as all it would do is enhance my breast but still leave me with one breast lower than the other so the only way to improve my breasts and make them symmetrical was to have an uplift.

At first I was very unhappy as I really didn’t want to have an uplift because I knew that this would mean more cutting and more scars. I went away and thought about it and in the end I knew that I didn’t want to live with my breasts the way they were so I decided to go for the procedure.

The operation was very successful and I was very pleased with the outcome. Also the care I received at the Rivers Hospital was excellent, the nurses were very kind and caring and Mr Alvarez left me with very little bruising, I expected to be in more pain and have more bruising so I was very happy indeed. The aftercare was excellent too. I would definitely go back to Mr Alvarez again if I decided to have anymore work done.

I am very happy with my breasts now and I definitely made the right choice to go ahead and have an uplift and implants.”

– JB

“Two weeks after my surgery and I am so delighted with my eyes. The healing has been fantastic, and that’s due to your precision, great stitching and the aftercare I have received from yourself and your team.

The results I am seeing so far have confirmed I made the right decision to come to you. I was so nervous beforehand and really had second thoughts. I needn’t have worried. The scars are healing so quickly. I didn’t want to look like I’d had ‘work’ done. You have made it look so natural. Every day it improves.

The nurses at your clinic are lovely and explained everything so well. Even things I didn’t realise I needed to ask. The staff at The Rivers were also so personable and friendly. I was very looked after there.

Thank you so much for your care, concern and experience.

Kindest Regards,”

– SK

“I recentley had a breast augmentation at the Rivers in Sawbridgeworth, Herts and my experience was a very pleasent one. My consultant was Mr Alvarez Parra, I was reassured all the time. All my questions and worries were answered and I was extremely pleased with the care and treatment I received. The food was also amazing and the nursing staff were very freindly caring and helpful.

I didnt want to have massive breast implants as im quite a small framed person so I said what I wanted, and I was a B cup and now Im a D cup. Mr Alvarez did exactley what I asked him, and I would definatley recommend him and the Rivers hospital. Im so pleased with my new boobs and I would say to anyone who is thinking of having this surgery it really can improve your confidence and happiness.”  – SM

“For a number of years I had wanted a Breast Augmentation but was very nervous about going ahead with the operation. I had done lots of research and I knew I wanted Mr Alvarez to carry out the operation as I had heard very good reports about his work.

After a consultation with Mr Alvarez he put my mind at ease by answering all my questions. I thought about it for a few more weeks and was happy to go ahead and book a date for my operation.

On the morning of my operation I was nervous but very excited about getting my new breasts.
Mr Alvarez came to see me in my hospital room before the operation and went through the procedure he was going to carry out and asked me if I had any further questions.

When I woke from the operation I wasn’t in any pain due to the strong pain killers and my breasts were bandaged up. A few hours later Mr Alvarez came to see me to check I was ok and said he was very happy with the way the operation went. At this point I felt very happy it was all over and it had all gone well. The Plastic Surgery nurse looked after me from then on till I went home the following day. Before I left the hospital I had my bandages removed and put a sports bra on.

Once home I just rested for the next few weeks, wearing a sports bra day and night and taking painkillers regularly. I did suffer some pain but the pain killers from the hospital eased it. The nurse had advised me to sleep upright in bed to help reduce the swelling, which I did and most of the swelling went down within the next two weeks.

I had a check-up appointment with Mr Alvarez after 2 weeks. He was very happy with the way my breasts looked and the way my scars were healing. I had a further appointment with the Plastic Surgery nurse about one week later.I continued to wear my sports bra day and night for a further 6 weeks and continued with pain killers when needed, but at this point I had hardly any pain. Over time the swelling gradually disappeared and the pain totally eased off.

My experience was 5 months ago now and I am very happy with my very natural looking breasts and my scars are hardly visible.

I am very happy I chose Mr Alvarez to carry out my Breast Augmentation.

Many thanks”

– SS

“I had my operation nearly 3 years ago now and I’m very happy with the results.   The consultations I had prior to the operation really answered any questions/concerns I had so by the time my op date came around I was nothing but excited!  The whole thing went very smoothly, I checked in, had my checks and away I went and the next thing I remember I was awake and actually feeling pretty good.

I was in very little pain, in fact I would say it was just more mild discomfort if anything.  I was pretty surprised when I first saw them, there was no bruising but they were incredibly firm and a bit of an odd ‘cone’ shape which I hadn’t expected but over the weeks they soon softened and I now have a very natural look which I’m most proud of and no one would even know I’ve had the operation.   I healed very quickly, I had no pain or soreness from the scares and they aren’t visible.  The worst bit of it really was trying to sleep upright(ish) for a couple of weeks afterwards while they healed.  If anything I wish I’d gone a bit bigger, I think I was probably a little too conservative!

All the best!”

– HW

“My Breast Reduction.

Requires great skill as it is a big procedure and very difficult to get right. Both breasts have to be the same size, the same place on the chest and the nipples, well !

The nipples have to be in the same place, blood supply preserved so that they don’t fall off, and the sensation has to be preserved. With all these fact known to me, I was still determined to have the procedure. My nipples were almost below my umbilicus ( and even that has drooped over the years). My bra straps were causing me a great deal of discomfort, and clothes just didn’t look right. So the decision  was made….what next?

Luckily for me I am a health care professional and have worked in the NHS for 17 years. I work with Consultants who also do work in the private sector. I asked two who I have a great deal of respect for, and Mr Alvarez was recommended unequivocally by both.

No GP referral required, so I made an appointment. The Rivers hospital is excellent and all the staff I met couldn’t have been kinder or more professional.

The consultation with Mr Alvarez went very well, I was told how the operation would be done. I was shown before and after pictures….very impressed. I was so delighted when Mr Alvarez agreed to carry out the surgery, as I was afraid that after one look at the challenge ahead, he would run away.

Pre admission prior to surgery was excellent and very helpful.

The surgery went very well. Minimal discomfort, other than the inconvenience of the drains. Excellent nursing care. I felt very safe. Food not bad either.

I am so delighted with the results. Perfect nipple sensation, very symmetrical and the same size. I can do up my jeans without getting my breast caught in the zip….result!

So wonderful to wear lovely bras.

I say go for it girl.

If you would like a chat I am sure that Sharon Lambe, secretary to Mr Alvarez would put us in touch.”